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Catholic Kids 101 came to be with much help and prayers from wonderful friends on earth and the very best friends above! The content on CK101 was written by me, Jean Prather. Collaborator: Father Thomas Dufner. Editor: Mother Marie of the Incarnation, OCD. Audio Engineers and Voice Over Talent: Adrianne & Thom Price. Other Apostles of the Holy Eucharist: Emily West, Jeff Berg, Dennis Powers, Elizabeth Prather, Barb Alderfer, Kay Taylor, the Carmelite nuns of Lake Elmo, Minnesota and all the prayer warriors from the North Star State and the Sunshine State especially. 


The "CK101 Kids" that are featured on the pages of this website are a compilation of the hundreds and hundreds of amazing Catholic children I have met over the years when I was producing original Catholic music for children, coordinating Catholic Vacation Bible Schools and then working as the Elementary Director of Religious Education at a vibrant Twin Cities parish. 


It was a 2nd grade child preparing for her First Holy Communion who told me not only what the word "transubstantiation" means but then, to my great surprise, proceeded to spell the word perfectly for me too. The boy who proudly explained to me that "Christmas" really means "Christ's Mass." The child who unabashedly announced to the group of 80 children getting ready to make their visit with Jesus to pray for his school friend with cancer because Jesus could make his friend well again. And He did. The group of little ones who spontaneously waved to Jesus and blew Him kisses when we walked by the Church because they knew He was really there in the tabernacle. The ones who offered Our Lord little sacrifices of love because their friend, Saint Therese, had showed them her Little Way. "The Story of Saint Anthony and the Donkey," what happens when my grandpa dies, singing "You are My Sunshine"" to Jesus in the Adoration chapel... all these incidents and so many, many more that I experienced over the years with children are woven into the CK101 kids pages. These are the real life children that the CK101 kids represent. These are the children who are the "kids telling kids about Jesus." And these are the children, along with every single child who visits this site and learns how to make a visit with Jesus, truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, that I dedicate Catholic Kids 101 to.


Jean Prather, OCDS

March 25, 2020

The Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Catholic Kids 101
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Matthew 19:14
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