Just one last important thing before we say "goodbye!" Everyone at CK101 wants you to know and understand just how important you are! Your love for Jesus and your prayers are so precious and important to Him!


Right now there are a lot of people in our world who do not love and follow Jesus. That is why we don't have peace in many places in our world including parts of our country. So now is the time to remember everything that the CK101 kids have told you and put it all into action! YOUR prayers and sacrifices for Jesus can make a HUGE difference in bringing peace to our world!


1. Make your visits with Jesus every single day!


Try to a visit Him in a nearby Catholic Church tabernacle or Adoration Chapel. If you can't go to Church, you can always make a visit with Jesus in the tabernacle of your heart. Remember to visit with Him every day!

Hands of a young Christian child holding

2. Pray your Rosary decades every single day!

If you need help remembering all the mysteries, you can go to "The Rosary Page." You can pray using our CK101 Rosary videos. We want to help kids everywhere pray their decades!

And never forget that if you have Jesus, 

you have everything that matters!

We'll say "good bye" for now...

But you know you can come back and visit anytime.