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How To Begin "Guided Eucharistic Holy Hours"

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The following plan entitled "Visiting Jesus!" was created to help assist priests, deacons, religious, DRE's, teachers, and parents in beginning "Guided Eucharistic Holy Hours For Children."

Step one tells the back-story of how this plan came to be. It is only eleven short booklet pages and contains an important Church history lesson regarding the power of children's prayers.


Step two tells step-by-step how "Guided Eucharistic Holy Hours For Children" can be done in a parish.


Step three gives the pieces of the plan - helpful links and sample scripts - to make implementation easier.


Also, don't miss the button that will take you to "A Message for Priests" at the bottom of the page. 


"How The Plan Began"


"The Plan"


"The Pieces Of The Plan"

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