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Welcome to Catholic Kids 101!

We are so glad you are here! Catholic Kids 101 was created to help you learn many of the wonderful truths of the Catholic Faith, most especially about Jesus truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist! Here are some of the things you will discover as you explore CK101:

The CK101 Kids Pages

The youngest CK101 kid is Danielle in kindergarten. The oldest CK101 kid is Simon and he is in 6th grade. In-between are Anthony, Poppy, Benji, Nicholas, Angelica, Emily, Elizabeth, Diego, Gabe, Stephen, Isabel, Marco, Kathryn, Leo, An, Lily, Veronica, Andre and Amy too!


They all live in different parts of the country, go to different schools, have different interests and talents but they all have one thing in common: They all love Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and really want to tell you about Him! They are CK101 kids: "Kids telling kids about Jesus!"

Rosary 4 Kids

My name is Mario and I'll be your guide when you visit the "Rosary 4 Kids" section in CK101. I am really excited to tell you the things that I learned when I read about the Rosary and why it's super important that you know these things too! After visiting "Rosary 4 Kids," you can come back and pray your decades with our new CK101 Rosary videos for kids. It takes only 20 minutes a day and by doing that, you can help change our world for the better!

Original Stories & Audiobooks
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Read and listen to "The Story of Ming and the Gift of Jesus," "The Story of Luke and the Incarnation" and "The Story of Gemma and the King." You will learn a whole lot about Jesus through these original CK101 stories & audiobooks. More stories are in the works! Also, bsure to visit Blaise with his twin sister, Helen, as they lead us on an amazing adventure with our beautiful Mother Mary on the CK101 "Take the Journey!" page.
Our Visits With Jesus!

The reason we created Catholic Kids 101 was to help you learn about the great Gift of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist! Everything you see on Catholic Kids 101 tries to reflect this truth: Jesus is truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! God is with us - He loves us and is always with us! The CK101 kids want you to know this. They have much to share about our Eucharistic Lord Jesus on their CK101 pages. You can also watch the wonderful documentary called "Visiting Jesus" that was created by the Castillo kids - it's made "by kids 4 kids!" CK101 will continue to add more about our Eucharistic Jesus in the days to come!

Begin a Guided Holy Hour
For Older Kids & Adults
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CK101 will also continue to add more things for older kids, parents, and all adult visitors. They can check out our channel "A Decade A Day" (that page also has an awesome video about Venerable Father Patrick Peyton) along with "The Mission Retreat" and a powerful Examen written by Servant of God Father John Hardon. CK101 is also honored to be part of an ongoing effort to help get a special booklet into every Eucharistic Adoration Chapel in the USA that was written by one of the greatest adorers of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist: Saint Peter Julian Eymard. Saint Eymard has much to teach us! His meditations, read slowly before our Eucharistic Lord Jesus, are guaranteed to set hearts on fire! Your Dad and Mom can download a free copy of this little gem for their very own by clicking on the image below:
And more!
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There is so much for kids to learn at CK101!
An examination of conscience with Simon, how to read the Bible with An, "The Garden of My Heart Novena," praying for priests with Andre, learning the "Stations of the Cross" with Benji, discovering our CK101 Patron Saint, "The Chaplet of the Incarnation," a powerful prayer to your Holy Guardian Angel written by the great Saint John Bosco, original Catholic songs 4 kids, a message to you from Father Jesse Maingot, and the list goes on! We'll continue to add new things, like the recent "Adopt A Bishop" page, "The Wreath of Flowers," "The Children's Corner" parish bulletin articles, and the EWTN interviews. So be sure to visit us often. We want you to learn everything! And don't forget to tell your friends what you learn. That is how you can become a CK101 kid too. CK101 kids are kids telling kids about Jesus!
Imprimatur +
An imprimatur has been granted to all the CK101 Kids Pages including the CK101 Original Stories & Audiobooks and Take the Journey! A special note of thanks to Father George Welzbacher for his time, guidance and kindness in making sure these works are free of doctrinal or moral errors in regards to the unchangeable teachings of the Catholic Church. 
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Welcome to Catholic Kids 101!

"We are kids telling kids about Jesus!"
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