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Smiling boy hiding a bouquet of red carnations behind itself, isolated on white_edited_edi

The flowers I will grow in “the garden of my heart” for Jesus today are: 


I will grow them by helping my dad (or my grandpa)

and listening very carefully to what he says!

"Dear Jesus, when You were a child like me, You loved helping good St. Joseph in the carpenter shop. You were always ready and eager to learn from him! Each time I look for ways to lend a helping hand to my dad (or Grandpa) and pay close attention to what he says, I will be growing beautiful big RED CARNATION flowers in the 'garden of my heart' for You.

I hope You like my red carnation flowers, Jesus! They are very important flowers to grow."

Today's Scripture quote... try and memorize it!


"Listen, my children, to a father's instruction;

pay attention and gain understanding."

Proverbs 4:1

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