Hi! My name is Isabel.

I’m really happy to have this chance to talk with you on my CK101 page! I am 9 1/2 years old and I just finished the third grade at my school which is named Most Holy Redeemer Catholic School. This year I received the Sacrament of Confirmation and then received Jesus in the Holy Eucharist for the first time. It was such a great year! I made my First Confession in second grade and that was really great too. For my CK101 page I want to tell you an amazing story I learned while preparing for my First Holy Communion. 


Before I tell you the amazing story, I want to tell you something really special about my school. There is a beautiful chapel in the middle of my school where Jesus is always there in the tabernacle. Everyday I walk up and down the hallway and I see the chapel. I wave to Jesus and tell Him I love Him. It's so great to have Him nearby!


Once a week my entire class goes to the chapel for a visit with Jesus. Every class gets their own day for a visit. Kindergarten and 1st graders visit Him for 15 minutes. 2nd and 3rd graders visit Jesus for 30 minutes. The 4th and 5th graders visit Him for 45 minutes. The 6th, 7th and 8th graders get to make a whole Holy Hour visit with Jesus.

The picture I picked for my CK101 Page is one my mom took of me one Thursday morning before school. The reason I'm smiling is because Thursday is the day my class makes our visit with Jesus!


So now I'm going to tell you the amazing story I learned. It was part of my school's preparation for our First Holy Communion and also for making our visits with Jesus. My teacher, Mrs. Powers, read the story to my class. Once I tell it to you, you’ll understand why I wanted you to know! 

This story is an actual true story. It really happened. It starts out with three children. The first child was a boy and his name was Francisco. He was 8 years old. He lived in Europe in the country of Portugal. He lived in a village where there were lovely olive trees and grassy fields surrounding the village. These were called the Cova da Ira fields outside his village called Aljustrel near Fatima in Portugal. 

Francisco had a little sister. Her name was Jacinta. Jacinta was 6 years old. Not too far away from Francisco and Jacinta’s house was another house where their cousin lived. Her name was Lucia. She was the oldest. Lucia was 9 years old.

Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia were often together. It was because they had the chore of watching the sheep that belonged to their families. This story happened around 100 years ago, in the year 1916 and in the year 1917, when it was more common for people to own animals like sheep.


These three children, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia, took their sheep everyday to pasture. That means the sheep roamed around and ate the green grass. The children had to keep the sheep together. They had to make sure a lamb didn’t stray far away from the fold. Then they had to bring the flock back home when the sheep were done grazing.


The children would bring food with them each day and eat lunch together. Sometimes they would play games. They would also pray their Rosary together as they watched their sheep.

Now one day as the children were playing, while still keeping an eye on their sheep, a strong wind suddenly shook the trees. They were surprised when they saw this because it was a very calm day. They wondered why the trees were shaking. Then the children noticed something strange as they looked up in the sky over the valley towards the East. A very bright light was coming towards them. The light was a white light. Soon it became brighter and whiter than the purest white snow. The children realized that this light was surrounding the form of a young man! He looked more brilliant and dazzling than the sun going through sparkling crystal glass! As he came closer they could see that he looked like he was about fifteen years old. He was strikingly handsome. Actually, he was absolutely astonishing!


The children didn’t know what to make of this. They didn’t say a single word. The didn't move. They were just so surprised!


Coming very close to the children, he spoke to them and said, “Fear not. I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.”


He knelt down and bowed low to the ground until his forehead touched the ground.


The children watched him. Then they did the same. They knelt down and bowed low to the ground until their foreheads touched the ground too.


Then the Angel prayed this prayer and the children repeated the words they heard him say:


“My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You!

I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.”


After he had prayed this prayer two times, he rose up and told the children to pray this prayer often because Jesus and Mary were listening to them from Heaven.


Then the Angel disappeared.


After the Angel left, the children stayed on their knees for a long time with their foreheads touching the ground. They repeated the beautiful prayer many times. They said that they felt so full of God that they didn’t even speak to each other! The next day they still had a feeling like God had touched them. They didn’t tell anyone about the Angel’s visit.


Another day, when the children were at Lucia’s house playing, the Angel appeared to them again.


“What are you doing?” he asked. “Pray, pray a great deal! The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary have merciful plans for you. Offer prayers and sacrifices all the time to the Most High God.”


Lucia asked the Angel what he meant by that. He explained that the children should offer God some sacrifice, something a bit difficult for them to do. (My teacher said to think about what we learned when we studied Saint Therese and her little way of love. She said this would help us understand what the Angel was asking of the children. You will learn about Saint Therese’s little way of love coming up soon on another CK101 Page.)


Then the Angel said the children should offer prayers and sacrifices to console God for the many sins that people commit. Another word for this is “reparation.” I'll tell you more about this in the second part of my CK101 page below.


The Angel also wanted the children to understand that Jesus would take the prayers and sacrifices they offered to Him with love and unite them to His big Sacrifice on the Cross. They could help save sinners from going to Hell! (Remember when Stephen explained about this at the end of his CK101 Page when he told us the story of the starfish?)


Then the Angel told the children that he was their country’s Angel – the Angel of Portugal! After that he disappeared.


Later in the summer of 1916, the Angel visited the children one last amazing time. When the Angel came, the children were kneeling with their foreheads touching the ground. They were praying the prayer that he had taught them:


“My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You!

I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do hope and do not love You."


While the children were praying, they suddenly sensed a great light over them. When they looked up to see what it was, they saw the Angel! And what an amazing sight they saw! He was holding a beautiful golden chalice in his left hand. Above the chalice was a little white Host. Drops of Precious Blood fell from the Host into the chalice.

A beautiful stained glass window showing the visit from the Angel of Peace entitled "Ecce Panis Angelorum"

which means "Behold the Bread of Angels" found in the Sanctuary of Fatima in Portugal. 

Then the Angel left the beautiful golden chalice (that contained the Precious Blood of Jesus) and the little white Host (which was Jesus looking like Bread) suspended in the air! 


The Angel bent down low beside the children and they all adored Jesus! 


Our teacher told us that the Angel and the three children adored Jesus in the little white Host exactly the same as when we make a visit with Jesus in our school chapel! She told us our Guardian Angels are always with us even if we don’t see them. When we are kneeling and adoring Jesus, our Guardian Angel is right beside us adoring Him too! Our Angels always want to help us love Jesus just like the Angel helped Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia that day.


Then the Angel taught the three children one more prayer. It goes like this:


“O Most Holy Trinity, Father Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly.

I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

present in all the tabernacles of the world,

in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which He is offended.

By the infinite merits of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

I beg the conversion of poor sinners.”



Getting up, the Angel again took in his hand the golden chalice and Jesus in the Host. He gave the Host to Lucia. Then the Angel leaned towards Francisco and Jacinta and had them drink the Precious Blood of Jesus from the golden chalice. Francisco and Jacinta received their First Holy Communion that day!

Then the Angel knelt again beside them and prayed the prayer that he had just taught them three times. “O Most Holy Trinity…"  After that he disappeared.


This was the last message and the last visit from the Angel. The children never saw him again.

That is the first part of this amazing true story. In the following year, 1917, an even more amazing thing happened! Before I tell you about that, I want to explain something about the Angel of Peace. God wanted the Angel of Peace to come to Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia in the year 1916 to prepare them for what was about to happen in 1917. They were going to be given a special mission. This is important for us to understand because each one of us has a mission that God wants us to accomplish for Him too. 

What was it that God was preparing Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia for? The Queen of Heaven, our beautiful Blessed Mother, was going to come from Heaven to visit the children six times! Remember how the Angel taught the children certain prayers, how to unite their sacrifices with Jesus' big Sacrifice on the Cross to help save poor sinners from going to Hell and also to adore Jesus and receive Him in Holy Communion? They were being prepared. They were going to meet Our Lady! She was going to give them a mission! Part of their mission was to tell the world that many souls are falling into Hell because so many people are not loving and obeying God. Our Lady came to tell us that we need to turn away from sin and come back to God, our Heavenly Father, through Jesus, our Savior. Mary, our Mother, wants to help us do this!

It would take me a long time to tell you EVERYTHING about our beautiful Blessed Mother's visits with the three children in Fatima, Portugal. Last summer our parish had a Catholic Vacation Bible School about Our Lady's visits. It took us five days of Catholic Vacation Bible School to learn about everything! (On the "CK101 Resources & Links" page is the C.V.B.S. for you to download.)

For now, I want to tell you one of the most important things that Our Lady said. She really wants us to pray the Rosary every single day. She said "daily." It's super important! The Rosary is a very powerful spiritual weapon. It keeps the devil away. It's the chain that binds us close to Jesus and Mary. The Rosary is so important that Our Blessed Mother actually identified herself to the three children as: "Our Lady of the Rosary." 

A beautiful stained glass window depicting one of Our Lady of the Rosary's visits with

Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia in the year 1917 at Fatima, Portugal. 

There is a CK101 Page coming up by a girl named Kathryn. Kathryn's page is really helpful for kids who are learning how to pray the Rosary. And if you are already praying your Rosary every single day, that's terrific! Kathryn has things on her CK101 page that will help you pray it even better! 


Before we get to the second part of my CK101 page, there is one more thing I want to tell you about the children. Francisco and Jacinta are now official Saints! Isn't that awesome? Are you wondering how they did it? They offered everything - their prayers, their works, their joys, their sufferings, their entire lives - to Jesus. They did everything for the love of God. They did just what Our Lady and the Angel of Peace asked them to do. We can say: Saint Francisco and Saint Jacinta, pray for us!


Are you wondering what happened to Lucia? When Lucia grew up she had a vocation to be a nun. She lived to be 97 years old! She wanted everyone to know and love Our beautiful Blessed Mother very much. Of course, she wanted everyone to love Jesus very much in the Most Holy Eucharist! 


How my class visits Jesus,

truly present in the Most Holy Eucharist!

Now for the second part of my page I’d like to tell you how my class makes a visit with Jesus every Thursday. Mrs. Powers, my teacher, helped me. After you read this you can show it to your teacher if you go to a Catholic school or your Pastor at Church. Mrs. Powers said they can use it as a guide for any class or group. That way lots of kids can make visits with Jesus! 





Together the class reads the following meditation out loud before our visit:

"Jesus, I know that You are truly present in the little white Host in the tabernacle in our chapel. Our tabernacle is made of gold and is in the shape of a house that has a little door on the front. I look for the red candle, called a 'sanctuary lamp,' burning near the tabernacle. The flickering candle shows me that You are really and truly there. The word tabernacle means 'dwelling place.' 


Jesus, You love us so much that You thought of a way to always be with us! 


Sometimes You are exposed in a beautiful golden vessel called a 'monstrance.' When I look at the little white Host in the monstrance with the eyes in my head, I see a round piece of Bread. When I look at the Host with the eyes of my heart, my eyes of faith, I say the words Saint Thomas the Apostle said to you: 'My Lord and my God!' 

It is You, Jesus, the little Baby of Bethlehem. It is You, Jesus, the Holy Child of Nazareth. It is You, Jesus, the Savior and Redeemer of the World. It is You, Jesus, the living King of Glory!


Jesus, when I enter the chapel, I come before You in the tabernacle or exposed in the monstrance and I bend my right knee and touch it to the ground. This is called 'genuflecting.' Out of love and respect for You I bend my knee because You are the King of the Universe and the King of my heart."

We enter the chapel quietly and genuflect. We take our place on the floor before Jesus in the tabernacle or exposed in the monstrance.




There are many Eucharistic hymns or songs we can sing for Jesus. We sometimes sing the song we learned from Ming’s story: "A Visit With Jesus."


Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,

“My Lord and God!” Jesus is near.

Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,

Jesus, my Lord, I know you’re here.


Jesus I’ve come to visit you in your home,

I bend my right knee and bow to your throne.

Quietly I kneel, I whisper, “I love you, so!”

My eyes cannot see but my heart truly knows.


Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,

“My Lord and God!” Jesus is near.

Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,

Jesus, my Lord, I know you’re here.



There are Rosaries in the chapel we can use. We can also bring our Rosary with us from our classroom and keep it in our pocket until it is time to pray our decade together.




LEADER: "The 1st Joyful Mystery: THE ANNUNCIATION 


We offer this Rosary decade for all the pregnant mothers in the world right now and the little babies growing in their wombs. Jesus, we pray that these little babies will be born safely and grow up to know You and love You like we do.


We will now pray one 'Our Father,' ten 'Hail Mary’s' and one 'Glory Be' as we think about You, Jesus, in the mystery of Your Incarnation."


"Kiss the Crucifix. Thank You, Jesus, for dying for me on the Cross."

+ "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."

+ "Find the 1st Decade on your Rosary."

+ “I will say the first part of the prayer, you will say the second part.”

+ Pray one 'Our Father.'

+ Pray ten 'Hail Mary’s.'    

+ Pray one 'Glory Be.' 

If you are able, bend down low and touch your forehead to the ground as you pray the 'Glory Be.' 

It is the posture the Angel showed the three children while adoring and loving God. Kneel back up. 


+ "Jesus, we are going to hold out our hands towards you and pray this next prayer with all our hearts. As You know, it is the prayer that Blessed Mother taught Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia. Our Lady wants us to pray it after every Rosary decade so together we pray: 


O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to Heaven especially those most in need of Your mercy!"


+Sign of the Cross




Sit to meditate on the Gospel reading. The leader can read and the children listen. Sometimes we all bring our Bibles to the chapel and read the Gospel story together. 


"Jesus, when I think about the mystery of your Incarnation and how much You love me, I want to say to You with all my heart: Thank You, Jesus! The Gospel reading for this visit is one that will help me remember the importance of always thanking You. It is the Gospel according to Saint Luke, chapter 17, verses 11-19. (Luke 17:11-19.)


As Jesus continued his journey to Jerusalem, he traveled through Samaria and Galilee. As he was entering a village, ten lepers met him. They stood at a distance from him and raised their voice, saying, 'Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!' And when he saw them, he said, 'Go show yourselves to the priests.' As they were going they were cleansed. And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice; and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. He was a Samaritan. Jesus said in reply, 'Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?' Then he said to him, 'Stand up and go; your faith has saved you.'


Long pause of silence


"Jesus, the ten lepers had a terrible disease called leprosy. We know it is a rare disease today in most parts of the world but when you walked the earth 2000 years ago it was a real problem. We learned that leprosy comes from a certain kind of bacteria that is spread from person to person. When a person is first infected with leprosy, they start to lose their sense of touch and slowly their skin starts to show signs of damage. It begins to affect their eyes, nose, earlobes, hands and feet. Their face becomes disfigured and ugly. As the disease advances, the person with leprosy can lose their fingers and toes."




"Lepers would have to leave their homes and live in a secluded area with other poor lepers. There was no cure. It was a life of terrible suffering and misery."




"Jesus, when You saw the ten lepers, Your heart was moved with pity for them. You always have pity on those who are suffering because You are always looking to help those who are lost and are sick."




"Jesus, because You are God and can do all things, You worked a wonderful miracle and cured the 10 lepers of that terrible, horrible disease. You told the lepers to go show themselves to the Jewish priests and as they were walking, the lepers realized they were cured. They had no more leprosy. It was gone!"




"Jesus, now this part of the story is surprising. Out of those ten lepers, only one came back to thank You. What went through Your mind when only one came back to thank You?"


Long pause


"Now we are going to quietly think of some of the things that we are thankful for in our lives, Jesus. We want to always remember to say: Thank You, Jesus!"

1 minute of silence

"Boys and girls, here is something you can do that will make Jesus very happy. Tell Him that you are very thankful for all the good things he does for all the people in the world today. You can thank Him for people who never thank Him. Ever. They are like the 9 lepers who never came back. Their ingratitude wounds His Heart. It really does. But your thankful heart consoles His Heart." 


Long pause


"Now think of yourself as that one leper who came back to thank Jesus but your thankful heart is going to be so big and so full of love for Jesus that it's going to make up for hearts that do not love Him!" 


Long pause


"There is a word for what you just did. It is called “reparation.” It means that you are repairing for the lack of love that should have been offered to God by other people but was not. To offer reparation for the neglect and sins of others is a very beautiful and important thing to do."


"Boys and girls, let us kneel down now and put our foreheads to the ground like the Angel showed the three children. Let's pray together three times the prayer the Angel taught:

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope and I love You. I beg pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You."


Sit back up​




"Jesus, before we end our visit with You today, there is one more thing I would like to talk with You about quietly in my heart. I know that if I am interested in something then You are interested in it too because You are so interested in me. It’s true. I know that I can talk with You from my heart about anything and You will always listen because You love me and care about me.


Jesus, hard things sometimes happen in my life. Sometimes there are problems in my family. Sometimes I have school troubles. Whatever it is, I know You care and want to help me.


I’d like to talk with You about anything that is important to me right now." 


1-3 minutes quiet time






"Thank You, Jesus, for this time together. Thank You for always being here for us. We love You, Jesus! 


We will end our visit with a prayer we know You like very much. We will pray it three times." 


Hands folded or open to Jesus​


“O Sacrament Most Holy, O Sacrament Divine!

All praise and all thanksgiving be every moment Thine!


In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen." 


Genuflect to Jesus and exit the chapel quietly.

I'll close my page by telling you about a boy in my class named Casey. Casey is a really good piano player and he uses his gift of music for Jesus. 


There is a piano in the back of our school chapel and Casey plays the piano when we sing our opening song for Jesus. Sometimes he plays the piano by himself during one of the “quiet prayer times.” I'm going to put a recording of Casey playing a song during one of those times. It's a song by Saint Thomas Aquinas about Jesus called: "Pange Lingua Gloriosi." That's Latin and it means: "Sing my tongue, the Savior's glory!" You'll see the recording in the box under my picture below. Just click the little black arrow to listen. 


The other thing I thought you would like is a copy of the piano sheet music for the song from Ming's story: “A Visit With Jesus." Casey gave me a copy of it so I could share it with you. You'll see that down below too. I hope you and your friends can learn it and sing it for Jesus just like we do. 


Thanks for reading my CK101 page. I'm really happy I could share some of the amazing things I learned this year about Jesus with you. And don't forget to thank Jesus everyday for everything!


Love, your CK101 friend,




Click here on the piano for

"A Visit With Jesus" sheet music download

Sing, my tongue, the Savior's glory,
Of His Flesh, the mystery sing;
Of the Blood, all price exceeding,
Shed by our Immortal King,
Destined, for the world's redemption,
From a noble womb to spring.

Of a pure and spotless Virgin
Born for us on earth below,
He, as Man, with man conversing,
Stayed, the seeds of truth to sow;
Then He closed in solemn order
Wondrously His life of woe.

On the night of that Last Supper,
Seated with His chosen band,
He, the Paschal Victim eating,
First fulfils the Law's command;
Then as Food to all his brethren
Gives Himself with His own hand.

Word-made-Flesh, the bread of nature
By His Word to Flesh He turns;
Wine into His Blood He changes:
What though sense no change discerns.
Only be the heart in earnest,
Faith her lesson quickly learns.

Down in adoration falling,
Lo, the sacred Host we hail,
Lo, o'er ancient forms departing
Newer rites of grace prevail:
Faith for all defects supplying,
When the feeble senses fail.

To the Everlasting Father
And the Son who comes on high
With the Holy Ghost proceeding
Forth from each eternally,
Be salvation, honor, blessing,
Might and endless majesty.
Amen. Alleluia.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"And he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him."
Luke 17:16

"Thank You, Jesus!"

"Eucharist" means "thanksgiving."

Click the image of Jesus in the beautiful white Host to meet Marco!