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One Last Rosary Thought

Thanks again for joining me on this "Rosary 4 Kids" adventure! I'm really happy that I could share all the amazing things that I've learned about the Rosary. Now you are ready to start praying your Rosary decades each day. If you are already praying your daily Rosary decades, keep it up! 

Just one last thing about the Rosary before we go. Let's say you're sitting in the back seat of the car, stuck in traffic or waiting for your mom to pick you up from baseball practice and you don't have your Rosary beads with you. You can still pray a Rosary decade. How?

You have a built in decade!
Little child hand with Ten finger on white background_edited.jpg

Be sure to tell your friends what you've learned in case they don't know yet. Remember, we are kids changing the world one decade at a's time to pray our Rosary decades!


Your friend, 



World globe on hundreds of small red hearts. Earth Day concept. Earth photo provided by Na
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