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One Last Rosary Thought
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Thanks again for joining me! I'm super happy that you now know about the Rosary and you can start praying your decades every day. And if you are already praying your decades daily, keep it up! 

I wanted to tell you one more thing about the Rosary that you may have figured out but just in case not, here it is. Let's just say you're sitting in the car stuck in traffic or waiting for your mom to pick you up from baseball practice and you don't have your Rosary with you. You can still pray a decade or two! Pretty much anytime! How?

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You have a built in Rosary!

Of course, try to use your actual Rosary beads whenever you can but it's pretty neat to know we each have our very own "built in Rosary" just in case.

Thanks for joining me! It's been really great sharing with you what I've learned about the Rosary. Be sure to tell your friends what you've learned in case they don't know yet. Remember, you don't have to have your own CK101 Page to be a CK101 kid. A CK101 kid is a kid telling kids about Jesus!

God bless you!


Your friend, 



PS: Be sure to check out all the CK101 kids pages if you haven't done that yet. I really liked all their pages and learned a ton but in particular you'll want to meet Isabel, Kathryn and read or listen to "The Story of Luke and the Incarnation." Those kids say something about the Rosary too! 


Catholic Kids 101: "We are kids telling kids about Jesus!"

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