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The garden of my heart novena
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including "the story of rose & the very best deed"

If we could pick a theme song for Catholic Kids 101 it would probably have to be the song "To Be A Saint!" It begins: "Like an athlete training for the victory; to win the crown for all eternity; the Saints before us from the key with Christ's three words: COME FOLLOW ME!" 


There are lots of ways to explain what it means to follow Jesus. One way is to imagine that your heart is like a garden. You want to fill your "heart garden" with beautiful flowers  - not ugly weeds! Each beautiful flower represents a way of acting that is good and holy. These ways of acting are called virtues. Your CK101 friends would like to invite you to spend 9 days doing a special "Garden Of My Heart" novena. Each day you will be filling your "heart garden" with flowers, or virtues, for Jesus. That is how you follow Him!


Begin "The Garden of My Heart Novena" by reading "The Story of Rose & The Very Best Deed." Just click on the green button below. After reading the story, spend time thinking about it and talking about it with your family. After that, click the 9 red buttons, one button per day. Each day you will be making beautiful flowers in your "heart garden" for Jesus!
begin with "the story of rose & the very best deed"
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The Garden of my heart novena



Dear Jesus, I want my "heart garden" to be filled with beautiful flowers just for You! I know that some of the flowers in "the garden of my heart" may be kind of hard to grow but with the help of Your grace I am confident that it be a very beautiful dwelling place for You!

Dear Mother Mary, I entrust to you the “garden of my heart.” Help me grow beautiful "virtue-scented" flowers in my "heart garden" to show Jesus that I love Him and want to follow Him every single day of my life!

Dear Guardian Angel, let us work together. Help me to dig, plant and water the "garden of my heart." I want to faithfully follow your holy inspirations! Amen.

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind."
Matthew 22:37
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